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Unhappy about the current State of the Union?

Is the government working for you or against you? If you're fed up and want to know what to do, start with this book.


“This is crazy, but it just might work!”
– Richard Dreyfuss, actor and activist


“Ms. Frankel has written a page turner—simplified detailed political information within a compelling personal story. She did America's homework for them.” – Mary Hatch, Campaigner for Ross Perot


In Search of the Next POTUS: One Woman's Quest to Fix Washington illuminates today's unpublicized political landscape to reveal a corruption-busting plan that is gaining momentum in grassroots groups across the United States. Without having to wait for Congress to get their act together, In Search of the Next POTUS gives voters the power to fix the U.S. government for good.


Join Frankel's impassioned battle to safeguard our future. Before voting in any Presidential election, read In Search of the Next POTUS.


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