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Judy Frankel is the founder of Writeindependent.org, an interactive federal elections website. Public speaker and blogger for the Huffington Post, she helps audiences learn the specific steps to stop corruption in Congress and engage in democracy. As a master gardener and food activist, she fights for healthy water, air, soil, and seed freedom.


To learn about the movement underway to fix Washington, visit the Pledge for Honest Candidates.


"Judy Frankel is a super presenter.  She funny, engaging, quick and smart." - Harvey Wasserman, American journalist, author, democracy activist, and advocate for renewable energy

Frankel speaks at BIL Conference LA April 3, 2016.


Judy speaks to the representatives in Washington to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Judy launched her book through Kickstarter. Here is the video explaining the

genesis of her story.


The Sane Progressive interviews Judy and Kelly Mordecai of WatchtheVoteUSA.com. July 21, 2016


The DISCLOSE Act came up for a vote in the California Assembly on August 31, 2016. Frankel joins Trent Lange and others to speak about how the DISCLOSE Act would have helped Proposition 37, the Label GMO law, if it had been in place.
Everywhere Judy goes, she promotes Money Out Voters In California Proposition 59 to overturn Citizens United!


Wayne Kent has a Direct Line to faith and politics. Listen to him interview Judy live on October 26, 2016 4:30 pm PST. Archives can be accessed here. WSOY Decatur, Illinois.

Frankel is a regular guest with Lewis Harrison. The "That Was Zen, This is Tao" show airs live every Thursday from NY, 4 to 6 pm. Listen to livestream here: http://wioxradio.org/index.html

American Medicine Today wants to know what we can do to demand healthier food. Listen to our segment Friday, October 28, 2016 at 9:45 PST. Broadcast at the following stations:

Seen on: Bloomberg TV-National/WFTS-TV Tampa

WFTX-Ft. Myers/KTNV-Las Vegas
Heard On: WFLA-Tampa/WTKS-Orlando
WMMB/WIXC - Melbourne
WCCF-Punta Gorda/WGUF-Naples

Wendy Wright is an outspoken, no-nonsense free spirit. Along with her sister, Lee Ann, she hosts a Saturday talk show from Washington, D.C. from 1 to 3 pm EST. She will interview Judy about the Congressional Blacklist on August 19, 2016. Listen to the archives on Stitcher.

August 15, 2016 2:30 pm PST / The Ed Tyll Show

Ed Tyll and I discussed the problem of rigged elections and how the Pledge for Honest Candidates fixes it. For archives, click on the image to your right.

Joel Markel and Marianne Levy  September 6, 2016 6:20 am PST  Judy explained why Washington is to blame for the epidemic of autism and Alzheimer's.

Judy joins Lewis at Large to talk about the 2016 election, the Congressional Blacklist, and how to elect better representatives. August 7, 2016.

Jim Brown's Common Sense, Genesis Communications Network, Satellite. August 7, 2016. Would a new President really make a difference anyway? Jim interviewed Judy live. Listen to the archive here.

Conservative talk show host Brandon Vogt will interviewed Judy on August 3, 2016 about the Congressional Blacklist. 770 KKOB, Albuquerque NM. Listen to the archive here.

Host David Leonard, KYNT 1450 from South Dakota, discusses the Congressional Blacklist with Judy on July 28, 2016. For the archive, click here.

Dr. Brenda Wade, Modern Love podcaster, founder of the Love, Money & Seva Seminars and Power Coaching and Training International, and columnist for Essence and Heart and Soul magazines interviewed Judy on Tuesday, July 19  from 6:30 to 7:30 PM PST on BlogTalkRadio. Listen to the archive: What the food companies don't want you to know about the DARK Act and how to eat healthy for a fully alive love life.

Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence on WEEU 830. Judy was interviewed Sunday, July 3rd at 11:00 am. Listen to archives by visiting WEEU here. Find out the latest about California's grand jury investigation of voting issues.

Frankel was a guest on Frankie's Show on April 20, 2016 11:30 am PST

For podcasts and archives, click here: Best of Frankie Boyer Show

To listen live, click here: The Frankie Boyer Show

Lila Garrett "Connect the Dots" March 28, 2016
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Judy Goss Radio Show

February 17, 2016

Listen to the broadcast by clicking the above image.

The Craig Barry Experience Radio Show

February 20, 2016

Click the above image to go to the American Radio Network

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