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Reviews from Readers

Here's what people are saying about In Search of the Next POTUS: One Woman's Quest to Fix Washington, a True Story:

"...a great inspiration."

"...laced with steely optimism."

"...eye opening"

"...a page-turner!"

"An enjoyable candid story of a daring woman's experience."

"This is a book of hope and resolution for the middle class with non-partisan ideas. In compelling story-telling style, Frankel brings attention to the urgent and critical issues facing America now."


–Mary Hatch, Former Ross Perot Campaigner

"At first I thought this book would read like a school textbook. It does not. By including her own personal experiences, the book reads like a novel, which was so great. I would recommend this book to anyone who is fighting for justice!"


– Susan Durik, Author, How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 50 Ways to Join the Fight

"Ms. Frankel offers a refreshingly positive, commonsense, practical analysis of how to tackle the corporate ownership of our political system, and it has been a lifeline of hope to me!"


– Sherie Stark, Assistant Editor, BE! Magazine

"Judy Frankel has impeccably researched her subject matter and delivers a compelling argument. If this book can transcend American's apathy and frustration with government, she will have a large audience."


– Amazon Customer

"A passionate, enlightening, and entertaining read. P.O.T.U.S. is hopeful. Frankel reveals an indefatigable optimism about the possibilities for sensible political change in America."


– Philip Borden, Economic Development Consultant

"The author's ability to take so many moving parts--all of them complicated--and reduce them down in a cogent fashion is mighty impressive. The fact she shares her personal story so frankly, makes this book so much more of an entertaining, human story. With 2016 just around the corner, I recommend In Search of the Next POTUS as both a timely and important read."


Mark Fine, author, Zebra Affaire

"I really enjoyed this book for several reasons, and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about these issues with our government. It went into a good amount of detail of our electoral system, corruption in Congress and amending the U.S. Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court's decision Citizens United to get big money out of politics. She shows how this corruption is at the root of many other difficult problems that many are fighting such as the growth of the military industrial complex, environmental damage, mass surveillance, etc."


– Chief (anonymous reviewer on Amazon)

"I was surprised by how much I learned. She inspired me to never give up. There will be solutions and they will be expedited knowing her journey."


– Amazon Customer

"Once you start reading, you won't stop."


– Steve Todora, Real Estate Broker

"I do not like to read books about politics...in my opinion they are boring, dry, and depressing. In Search of the Next P.O.T.U.S. is anything but dry, boring, and depressing. This is a personal story about Judy's quest to 'wake-up America!'"


– Jill Parsh, Nutritionist

"Frankel breaks down our defunct government in a way that the average person can understand while infusing new ideas and hope."


– Amazon Customer

"I didn't think this kind of change was possible, thinking I was the only one against a giant machine, but her ideas are doable and easy to execute. What's interesting about this book is how well it appeals to both sides of the aisle... the politically inclined as well as the anti-political folks who want to create change without politics."


– Robin Sarner

"At this crucial time, when we are being fed a bunch of self-aggrandizing slogans, this is a very valuable tool we need toward becoming thoughtful and educated voters."


– Kindle Customer

"The author is upbeat and offers positive solutions to problems that can seem disheartening and overwhelming. At the end of In Search of the Next POTUS, the reader will truly feel that even though the choking ivy of special-interest money has grown deep over our representational democracy, if we work together, we can clear it root and branch, [and] restore our productive nation."


– Craig Clevidence, Director, Renew Democracy

"Frankel plants the seeds of new creative ideas that are in harmony with the dawn of a New Age. We must stop, rethink, and recreate just as Frankel says, or we will suffer dire consequences if we remain squatters and takers rather than movers and shakers."


– Al Kanauka

"...discover exactly how voters can take control of a government that clearly has gone rogue."

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